Cascading and sharing knowledge internally is essential to any business, totem allows everyone in your business have a voice that can be shared. Imagine all internal teams having the facility to make quality / brand safe and securely moderated video content that can pass stories around the business.


New initiatives / business goals / internal feedback can now all be facilitated by the totem platform.


totem works with you to create Story Templates that staff granted permission can access and they can shoot video through the app on their smart phone or iPad and this then automatically places into the template and is pushed to pre assigned levels of moderation before finally being publish on your intranet or social channels.  You have full control and it is 100% brand safe.  Finally everyone can have a voice and you can start a rich corporate dialogue that is completely secure.


Case Study: Coming soon

totem is currently having high demand but keep watching this space for a forthcoming case study. In the meantime, feel free to learn about our events case study here.

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