Imagine your staff creating engaging promotional videos making everyone the storyteller...

totem enables businesses to curate, create, moderate and share video content across any social media platform in a controlled, brand safe and cost effective way

1. Curate

totem helps you design multiple brand-safe video stories

2. Create

Your staff shoot video using their devices and using our App, they simply populate these video stories with clips

3. Moderate

Safely moderate any clips and video stories that have been uploaded

4. Share

Once happy with your final video story, instantly share it across your social media platforms

Liberate your corporate storytelling

Amplify your corporate message  •  Extend the reach of your conversation  •  Engage your staff further

Start with an engaging introduction, finish with a compelling ending.

The story you tell in the middle is up to you…


Your totem journey



We design professional, branded templates that you sign off - these are accessible via the App by those who you decide have permission



Video can then either be shot on smartphones, iPads or on professional cameras, uploaded directly into the branded templates and made into video stories



totem works with you to set up your company StoryWall - this is where your finished video stories live waiting to be shared



Your totemAngel will tidy up the stories and prepare them for moderation by you before they are shared across your chosen social media platforms

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Amplify your corporate message

Extend the reach of your conversation

 Engage your staff further