totem works with you to deliver professional, engaging and relevant videos for any of your events. We design and curate branded story templates which enable your staff to create amazing video content at the event.


After processing in the cloud, whatever video you have filmed - vox-pops, interviews or promos, these are then sent to your chosen moderator who with one click can distribute your story to all of your social media platforms instantly - Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more...


totem provides you with onsite event support via your dedicated totemCreator who can help make stories as well as moderate video content for you.


totemLIVE - our professional video and design team is also available to film videos and design templates onsite at your event as required.


All your video based event media for both large and small events can now be produced quickly and shared instantly, whilst also being fully moderated and on-brand.


Case Study: CAIS 2018

totem were commissioned to produce content for the event CAIS 2018. These videos are examples of the high quality content that can be created with totem

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